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William DeHaan wfdehaan at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 24 20:57:53 EST 2006

Well, I just turned in my '03 A4 tq w/ 99,130 miles.  I did the timing belt 
and water pump at 87,000 miles!!!  I know, I know...pushing it.  The brake 
pads were original!  Other than synthetic oil changes at 5k and the sch. 
maint. for the first 50k I spent not a penny on this car.  Wait... I did buy 
1 windshield wiper a gas cap and a turn signal light bulb.  I drive like i'm 
driving the 24 hours of Le Mans everyday (highway miles) and I'm very 
satisfied with the durability of the A4.  My '00 A4tq required more money 
for sure, but it was chipped and driven even harder.  I now have a '06 A4tq, 
I can only hope it holds up as well.  (*although I probably just jinxed it). 
  By the way, my wife's A6 Avant w/ 76,000 miles has all sorts of problems 
(suspension, fuel-inj. seals, lots of interior problems).

Bill D.
A4 supporter

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