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You definitely want the big filter. I don't know if Purolator makes the large version. I have heard that the required filter was originally specified for a diesel engine, so you could try looking that up in the catalog at the parts store.

The Audi part # is 068-115-561(-B). Both Mann(#068115561) and Bosch(#72174) make the required filter. You can find them for about 5$ at autohausaz.com. I bought one of each from them. The Mann is on the car right now so I can't compare it. I also have the dealer filter here. It's essentially the same as the Bosch. The holes for oil flow are slightly different.


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  I'd like to be enlightened on the oil filter issue related to my 2001 A4 1.8 
  Quatro. I've seen some posts related to the size of this filter and IIRC a 
  post that Audi has changed filter recomendations for this engine. Is there a 
  Purolator filter that is correct for this engine? The purolator filter that 
  is listed in the reference book at the auto parts supplier is much smaller 
  than the one my dealer installs.

  Greg Myers     Paradise, Pa.

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