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I just buy the filters 5 at a time.  Bought 5 for the S4 and 5 for my wife's Passat 1.8T from Adirondack Auto (www.germanautoparts.com).  The updated filter holds an additional 1/2 quart of oil.

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> You definitely want the big filter. I don't know if Purolator makes the large 
> version. I have heard that the required filter was originally specified for a 
> diesel engine, so you could try looking that up in the catalog at the parts 
> store.
> The Audi part # is 068-115-561(-B). Both Mann(#068115561) and Bosch(#72174) make 
> the required filter. You can find them for about 5$ at autohausaz.com. I bought 
> one of each from them. The Mann is on the car right now so I can't compare it. I 
> also have the dealer filter here. It's essentially the same as the Bosch. The 
> holes for oil flow are slightly different.
> --Art
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>   Audifans,
>   I'd like to be enlightened on the oil filter issue related to my 2001 A4 1.8 
>   Quatro. I've seen some posts related to the size of this filter and IIRC a 
>   post that Audi has changed filter recomendations for this engine. Is there a 
>   Purolator filter that is correct for this engine? The purolator filter that 
>   is listed in the reference book at the auto parts supplier is much smaller 
>   than the one my dealer installs.
>   Greg Myers     Paradise, Pa.
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