[A4] Replace Alarm System

Brian O'Connell boconnell at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 15:11:17 EST 2006

OK, I'm not clear on this (still!).  I've got a 98.5
and the range is not more than 10 feet (yeah, I know I
said six feet - call it poetic license).  Even with a
new battery, the range does not change.  So what is
the system, and where are the sensors, and is there an
easy fix?

By the way, the reason for the longer range is in
crowded parking lots where you are not exactly sure
where you parked.


--- Brian White <brian at bjwhite.net> wrote:

> Actually Brizax, the dealer is correct.   The little
> bump in the windscreen defroster vent on the 
> top of the dash contains the RF antenna.   The
> motion sensors are in the little vents on the B 
> pillars.
> You also pointed out something about antennas being
> located in odd areas.  In the IR keyless entry 
> cars, the sensors are located on each side of the
> car, on the outside of the B-pillar.  Again, 
> little black bumps.
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> > INCORRECT! :o) thats the sensor for the proximity
> "motion" sensor :o)
> >     strange.  the dealer pointed out the little
> nub on the dash as
> > being the receiver for the remote.  he could have
> been full of it, though
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