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Sun Jan 1 16:27:23 EST 2006


I actually prefer a short range alarm.  As long as I can unlock it before I get there, that's fine with me.  I rarely unlock it remotely for someone else.  Besides, with all the crap in my pockets (i.e. pda, phone, keys, coins, blah blah), I'm always concerned that I will accidentally unarm it when i'm walking away, or inside a nearby building.  I would love a sliding "off - lockout" switch on the remote.  Regarding the car's sensor: Where is that transmitter?  Can I clip the wire shorter or put an aluminum shield on the reciever??  ;-)
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At 6:51 PM -0500 12/31/05, Brizax at aol.com wrote:>i have read in the forums the antenna for the alarm is located >behind the rear folding seats, or under the rear seat, you can run a >wire extending the factory short antenna and its spose to fix the >whole range issue, this is one of those mods i have been meaning to >do, a quick search on audiworld or vortex should yeild you the mod. >report back if it all go's good>>>In a message dated 12/31/2005 6:24:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, >brian at bjwhite.net writes:>>If you have a 1996 A6, chances are you have the IR remote keyless >entry system. It's fine, 6 feet>is much better than sticking your key in the door locks. People >just have expectation issues.>>Later models, like the 2000 mentioned below, got the RF signal >version. As everyone here should>know, radio waves (RF) travel much further than infrared line of >sight systems (IR).>>Do you really need to unlock 
and lock your car from 50 meters away? >Audi converted to the RF>system in 1998.

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