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Hey Tom..

	What do your ABS Rotors look like? I recently did my rear brakes and
had the same ABS light problem.. The sensors 'looked' ok, but the ABS Rotors
were all rusted. I wire-wheeled the heck outta them before reseating them on
the new rotors, but it change the situation. I replaced both of the ABS
rotors and it fixed my problem right away.. I believe the pair ran about
$60, from the dealer. But you can get them for half that online if your not
in a hurry. Hope it's not the sensors cause I believe they run over $100

'96 A4 2.8 V6-12v FronTrac

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car is a 98 a4 2.8L avant quatrro with 132000 miles.
3 days ago I had the rear wheel bearing replaced and now the abs comes on
everytime I brake, real irritating.

What happened???????? should I check the wheel sensors and clean, anybody
have any ideas what to look for or check, I'm kinda lost here, help me out.
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