[A4] going to replace a timing belt

Bryan Lally bryan at lally.org
Fri Jan 27 12:51:35 EST 2006

I recently got an '02 A4 Avant with a 1.8T.  61k miles at this point.  I 
like the car and am planning on keeping it, so I'm going to do a timing 
belt in a couple of weeks.

I'm looking for suggestions as to what parts should be replaced and 
where is a good source to get them.  Get a kit or buy parts individually?

Timing belt, water pump, belt tensioner?  Anything else while I'm in there?

I have the Bentley on CD.  Are there any good pointers to other 
instructions I should know about?

Thanks.  I'll let the list know how it goes.

	- Bryan

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