[A4] Re: going to replace a timing belt

richard valasek rrv53 at comcast.net
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Scott: Good advice about the front end.  For me, the hardest part was 
uncliping the side bumper clips.  I finally used a small crowbar from 
underneath to release the clips.


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> Definitely do all your oil seals: cams and crank. You'll need a seal 
> remover
> and a crank holding tool. I made mine: sheetrock screw and some pliers for
> the seals, a steel bar about 2" x 12" for the crank tool. :-) Just drill
> holes in the "crank tool" in the right spots, a little judicious bending 
> of
> it with a sledge hammer, and you'll be all set.
> I also recommend completely removing the front end rather than leaving it 
> in
> the service position. An extra 15 minutes well spent to make the life of 
> the
> backyard mechanic easier.
> Scott
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