[A4] Prospective A4 Buyer

Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 17:26:20 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I wrote to this list before about thinking about buying an A4.  Since then,
recently I've been talking to my local Audi dealership about a new 2006 A4.
They have a new silver A4 2.0T 6-speed, sports suspension, leather seats and
sunroof that looks pretty nice.  They quoted me an out-the-door price of
$35k.  I told the guy that I talked to that I'll be shopping around that
price to the other, larger dealership where my parents live and see what
they say.  I fully intend on doing that but can some people say if the $35k
price is good or can I pull it down a few more grand?

Also, my previous message I wrote, I was interested in the B6 A4 (2001-2004)
and I still am today.  Those A4's are coming down into the $20k range for a
decent one (average equipment, average miles).

Would it be better to snatch a new A4 built the way I like with the 4yr/50k
mi. warranty at over $30k or hold out for an adequate B6 A4 with enough
compatibility with my preferences for a cheaper price?  I know it's a tough
and very subjective decision but I'm interested in what people that
reflected upon if they were confronted with the same kind of decision.

Thanks everyone,

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