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Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 18:07:04 EDT 2006

I was talking with my mom and other people and they mentioned that
dealerships are more willing to let cars go at the end of a year so they can
fill up the lot with next years model.

There are no other packages; they asked if I was interested in them.  I
didn't know what was in them so I turned it down plus I'm trying to stay
away from 40k because it's a little too much for my single income.  The more
I think about it, the better it would be if I save up at least until the end
of this year to maximize my down payment and try to get them when they want
my business more than they do now and as you say, I can wait for the 2007 at
the same time.

Thanks for your input,

On 7/6/06, Nicholas Stock <nickstock at gmail.com> wrote:
> In my opinion, buy the new one and choose the options you want with the
> colour you want. The 2006 is a better car (but only slightly) and the 4 year
> 50,000 mile warranty is good. However, you can buy an Audi Assured and those
> warranties can last to 100,000 miles. 35K for a 2006 with sport, leather and
> sunroof sounds OK. Are there any other options with it (S-Line, Technology
> package etc?). You might think about waiting a little for the 2007 and try
> and knock them down a little on a 2006?
> Just my 2 cents...
> Happy shopping,
> Nick
> On 7/6/06, Nathan Widmyer <lighthousej at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> I wrote to this list before about thinking about buying an A4.  Since
> then,
> recently I've been talking to my local Audi dealership about a new 2006
> A4.
> They have a new silver A4 2.0T 6-speed, sports suspension, leather seats
> and
> sunroof that looks pretty nice.  They quoted me an out-the-door price of
> $35k.  I told the guy that I talked to that I'll be shopping around that
> price to the other, larger dealership where my parents live and see what
> they say.  I fully intend on doing that but can some people say if the
> $35k
> price is good or can I pull it down a few more grand?
> Also, my previous message I wrote, I was interested in the B6 A4
> (2001-2004)
> and I still am today.  Those A4's are coming down into the $20k range for
> a
> decent one (average equipment, average miles).
> Would it be better to snatch a new A4 built the way I like with the
> 4yr/50k
> mi. warranty at over $30k or hold out for an adequate B6 A4 with enough
> compatibility with my preferences for a cheaper price?  I know it's a
> tough
> and very subjective decision but I'm interested in what people that
> reflected upon if they were confronted with the same kind of decision.
> Thanks everyone,
> Nathan
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