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Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Fri Jul 7 13:12:30 EDT 2006

Yeah..he got a tiptronic.  He certainly didn't know any better. <grin>

I paid $21000 for my 1998 BMW 540i 6-speed in March of 05.   Had 
54000 miles on it and was beautiful, complete, and a local car 
always.   The original window sticker on the car was $57000.     For 
my purposes, it has been like a brand new $57k car for the price of a 
new WhatDaYaCallItEconomyCar.

I paid $24500 for my 2001 Allroad 2.7T 6-speed (w/3rd row seat, 
rare).  Also had 54000 miles on it and was beautiful and 
complete.   Atlas grey 6-speeds with 3rd row seat is a pretty rare 
car, so I was lucky enough to find it.   But compare that to the $58k 
sticker price. (IIRC anyway...)

At 09:50 2006-07-07, thejimrose wrote:
>i have to say i totally agree that leasing is akin to setting your cash on
>fire. i also HATE spending $$ on cars. it's SUCH  a massive disinvestment [i
>prefer booze, women, and carbon fiber motorcycle parts.. =]
>ive always had great luck buying cheap cars, well maintained, with around
>100k and dealing with the occasional hassle of repairs. im also a mod-nut,
>so that works out well. if you can afford to lose $20k over the course
>of 3-4 years on a car, go for it.
>i bought my 98 a4 for 7grand with 100k about 1.5 yrs ago. it's been
>fantastic. i always get the 'ooooh, fancy car' bit from people [not that i
>care - they dont have to crawl around under it]. it broke down thje first
>week i had it [the common downpipe split] and has been awesome since. i put
>a ton of miles on my cars too  and i live and work in SF - either bus or
>moto to work.
>all that said the new a4 is superpimp. a good buddy of mine who doesnt know
>any better just got a new 07 a4 3.2 tip, nav, loaded for 43 grand. OUCH.
>can you say "used m5" ?
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