[A4] new / used a4

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Fri Jul 7 15:27:54 EDT 2006

>right, obviously not an exact clone.  body wise the allraod and the 
>s6 are the same with the big fenders. v8's are bullsh!t, id MUCH 
>rather have a warmed up 2.7tt than an 8. i thnk that'd be the business.

Gimmie the V8 any day of the week and twice on sunday.  If Audi had 
brought over a V8 6-speed, I would have taken that.

>fenders and bumers are taste - i really dont like the look of the 
>unpained bumpers. reminds me of a element. no offense =)


>i wonder if the rs's aluminum hood and bumers bolt up? i bet they do.. =)

You wouldn't want S6 bumpers on the Allroad......they are US-spec big 
bumpers while the Allroad has European-spec small bumpers.   Not sure 
about the RS6 bumper.  The front could surely work...the rear 
probably wouldn't.

>as for the suspension, ive heard its really problematic. a buddy 
>with one has had aoll kinda of issues with it. ive also heard that 
>it's very heavy. heavy and complicated - i'm not a fan.

I thought that too before I started doing my research.  The 
suspensions are actually pretty reliable and foolproof.   And not 
really complex at all.  It uses Continental suspension bags mostly 
used on big trucks and trains.   Conti did a version of them for the 
Allroad.   It's probably heavier than struts/coilovers, but not by a 
drastic amount.  Regardless, we're talking about Audis here (not the 
lightest cars on the road) so that could hardly be a reason to nix 
the AR.   If you want a light car, get a Miata or Lotus. 
<grin>   Audi doesn't make anything light....only "relatively light" 
like the A8  ASF.

>  id throw a good set of coilovers on it and be done. it also seemed 
> to me to be very tuned toward the soccermom set [typical audi]. i 
> imagine with slightly more aggressive suspension tuning  it would 
> make the car feel 900lbs lighter.

Soccermom set?   The Allroad is pure ski, mountainbike, highway eater 
tuned.   I've taken it on highway trips as well as some minor logging 
roads.   It's an amazing car..it really is.  Soccermoms drive Honda Odysseys.

>the 18's will look SICK! im jealous. if only gas here wasnt so painful.

Where are you?  Europe?    Gas isn't painful in the US.......we have 
it good and we should count our lucky stars we do instead of bitching 
about it.   I just pump the gas, I never even look at the 
price.   Like it would make a difference.....

BTW, here are some pictures of an Allroad with 18" RS6 replicas...in 
fact, these are my wheels!   I bought them from Ed (who owns the 
silver AR in the picture.)

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