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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Fri Jul 7 15:32:50 EDT 2006

	more great points - thanks.

At 4:27 PM +0000 7/7/06, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
>Mortgage payments aren't stupid, as a house (in general) is an 
>appreciating asset.  You're making money on that house while you're 
>making payments vs losing money on the car while you're still paying 
>for it.
>I agree that it's a personal choice and a very prevalent one.  I was 
>just making a purely financially based argument against leasing.
>I think buying (especially leasing) a car on payments falls under 
>the "want" category vs the "need" category.  We don't need to get a 
>new car every three years, but we want to.  We don't need a $35k+ 
>Audi, but we want it! 
>I've been trying to resolve the need vs want by cherry picking cars 
>on my "lust" list that are 15 years old or so.  That gets me my 
>porsche turbo and Audi turbo quattros for reasonable prices that I 
>can easily pay cash for.  Cars that have basically depreciated as 
>far as they'll go and I can sell for very close to what I'm paying 
>for them.  Obviously you have to be patient and buy the right car 
>that's been maintained well and taken care of and you have to be 
>willing to get a little dirty working on it yourself, but you end up 
>with some very fun steeds in the stable, for far less cash than a 
>new Toyota Corolla costs...
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>From: "Nicholas Stock" <nickstock at gmail.com>
>>  Doc, you're right car payments are stupid...but so are mortgage
>>  payments...they're a means to an end in a capitalist economy. I would
>>  have to save for several years to afford my expensive Audi, but in the
>>  years it would take I'd have missed out on the chance to enjoy this
>>  fabulous car...I also got a VERY low interest rate on the loan, and
>>  coupled with the trade in for the old Audi it was affordable (for me).
>>  I suppose what I'm trying to say is different people do different
>>  things for a variety of reasons. If you buy secondhand that also has
>>  it's own set of issues (not getting ripped off, buying a lemon,
>>  warranties...etc..etc). Most of the people on this list probably
>>  wouldn't be too scared of that as we're reasonably mechanically minded
>>  and could spot trouble or ask for advice (thanks guys and gals..). I
>>  agree with your points on the lease.
>>  more of my 2 cents...
>>  Regards to all,
>>  Nick
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