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thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 16:48:05 EDT 2006

there are awd benzes and beemers. and the 'class' is often extended to
include the car-like suv / wagon crossovers.

i saw an e class amg 4matic wagon the other day. in teh dark metallic grey.
god its a shame they dont come manual. or reliable.

actually, not that it matters. it's only about 50k out of my price range.

On 7/7/06, Brian J White <brian at bjwhite.net> wrote:
> What is in its class?   The Volvo V70 XC.....that's about it.   The
> Subaru Outback I guess could be considered, but it's really
> rudimentary compared to even the Volvo, let alone the Audi.
> At 12:58 2006-07-07, Rocky Mullin wrote:
> >         the allroad is actually worst in its class, mileage-wise.  it's
> why
> >i didn't get one.
> >
> >At 6:07 PM +0000 7/7/06, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
> >>I recently got a '01 silver allroad 6 speed with 84k miles on it
> >>for $15,800.  Nice enough car, very large, doesn't do well on
> >>gas.  I sold it shortly after buying it and got out
> >>clean.  Dynamically it wasn't what I was looking for.

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