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docwyte at comcast.net docwyte at comcast.net
Fri Jul 7 17:02:52 EDT 2006

Yes, you do pay to play.  However, I feel this is a poor choice to pay.  The car is too heavy to handle well, regardless of whatever suspension you put on it.  By removing the air suspension you kill one of the main things that makes the car special.  

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> $2500-3000. Then again, you can't get a 2.7T 6-speed A6 Avant in 
> the US. Then again, you can't get any other manual transmission 
> A6-based Avant in the US. Gotta pay to play.... 
> At 13:47 2006-07-07, docwyte at comcast.net wrote: 
> >I have. You need to get all the stuff from an A6, plus buy the 
> >coilovers. Lots of parts, lots of labor. By the time you're doing 
> >with it all, it's at least $1800 in parts (more depending on the 
> >cost of the used parts you need and what coilovers you get) plus the 
> >labor. You can easily spend $2500 to $3000 on this... 
> > 

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