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Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Fri Jul 7 18:47:58 EDT 2006

Driven one?  I've driven some pretty heavy cars that still handle 
well.   Weight alone does not mean a car will handle poorly.   Good 
engineering and suspension design goes a long way to combat weight.

At 15:37 2006-07-07, you wrote:
>Sure I do.  The S6 avant is too heavy to handle well, as is any car 
>that weighs 2 tons.
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>From: Brian J White <brian at bjwhite.net>
> > At 14:02 2006-07-07, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
> > >Yes, you do pay to play. However, I feel this is a poor choice to
> > >pay. The car is too heavy to handle well, r
> >
> >
> > BTW, curb weight of the S6 Avant: 4024. Curb weight of the Allroad
> > 2.7T 6-speed: 4167. Not that much difference. Certainly not
> > enough to label one a pig (too heavy to handle well) over the
> > other. And I bet you wouldn't consider the S6 Avant a poor handling car.
> >
> >

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