[A4] new / used a4

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Fri Jul 7 20:27:08 EDT 2006

At 4:58 PM -0700 7/7/06, Brian J White wrote:
>I don't like SUVs either....but the X5 sure handles pretty well....as
>does the Cayenne.   I agree about the Q7....ugly and late to the
>game, why bother?

	i hear the X3 handles spectacularly.

	i'm looking forward to the Q5, assuming it's on the A4 platform.

>It means that the US doesn't get the new A6 Allroad.

	is there one in europe?  i didn't see any at the plant in
ingolstadt last month, though i did see the newest not-yet-in-US
cars there.  i don't follow this stuff really closely, and given
the Q5 concept, i thought the allroad was dead and they were going
to multiple Q cars to replace it.

>Of course,
>Allroad people have been petitioning Audi of America...but that may
>or may not work.  So instead of the new A6 Allroad, we get the (no
>thanks) Q7....advertised with the help of 25 year old rallye footage
>and the R8.

	i drove a Q7, it was fun.  if i had to tow a boat on weekends
or whatever, i'd consider it.  though i would prefer a 1991 power ram
with a banks boost kit, but those don't scale well to growing a family
to take on boating trips.

  Rocky Mullin 


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