[A4] new / used a4

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Fri Jul 7 21:46:05 EDT 2006

omfg lol please tell me you guys arent argue'n how well suv's handle now!  
roflmao how about that srt8 Cherokee!! haha :op 

>You  can track a Jeep Cherokee, but that doesn't mean it
>handles well.   The car has mass, not the suspension.

Well, a Jeep Cherokee (not the  Grand, but the classic) is
actually remarkably lightweight. The  power-weight ratio is very
good. Now mod the suspension, exhause and intake  a bit and stick
some racing wheels/tires on it and it'll do  quite
well--especially at autocrossing.  It starts to float at  90

My A4 is a sweet road car, and it "feels" a whole lot  better at
cornering, but the actual performance really isn't any  better
than my Cherokee was.  The Jeep would out-accelerate, but the  A4


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