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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sat Jul 8 01:35:56 EDT 2006

	what a terribly practical way to settle an untaken bet.

At 5:29 AM +0000 7/8/06, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
>Ok then, bring me an allroad that's been chipped, 402'd and swaybar 
>equipped vs a B5 S4 avant, bone stock.
>Are you willing to bet $100 that in a twenty minute track session I 
>can't put the allroad a lap down?  I'd drive both cars and we'd go 
>off overall lap times, so driver experience wouldn't be a factor.
>I'm more than willing to put my money where my mouth is, cause I 
>*know* the allroad (it's all about the mass, man) can't hang...
>If that's not palatable, bring out a stage 3 equipped allroad, 
>pretty sure I'd still dog it.
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>From: Rocky Mullin <caliban at sharon.net>
>>  well no freaking DUH then. man you're really out on a limb.
>>  At 5:22 AM +0000 7/8/06, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
>>  >Stock to stock, from the factory is the way this is being based.
>>  >Even with unlimited resources, you can't beat physics and that mass
>>  >will always be there...
>>  >

  Rocky Mullin 


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