[A4] new / used a4

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Sat Jul 8 02:19:19 EDT 2006

Dude.  I have five words for you.  "You are full of crap."   Weight 
is an issue, but it's not THAT much of an issue.   Not a lap down in 
20 minutes.
Not even a stock Allroad....let alone one that's been chipped, 402s, 
anti-sway equipped.

And just to further prove how full of crap you are, how about the 
weight of a B5 S4 Avant?    3704 lbs.   vs 4024 for an S6 Avant 
(340hp) vs 4167 for the AR.

So...WORST case scenario you're talking an extra 450 pounds on the S4 
vs Allroad.   I'm sorry man, 450 pounds is a decent chunk, but not 
lap someone in a 20 minute session, difference between an 
ill-handling pig and a smooth track operator type of chunk.

If you're so worried about weight, you really should be driving an 
Audi anyway.   Audi hasn't made a lightweight car in years....

At 22:29 2006-07-07, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
>Ok then, bring me an allroad that's been chipped, 402'd and swaybar 
>equipped vs a B5 S4 avant, bone stock.
>Are you willing to bet $100 that in a twenty minute track session I 
>can't put the allroad a lap down?  I'd drive both cars and we'd go 
>off overall lap times, so driver experience wouldn't be a factor.
>I'm more than willing to put my money where my mouth is, cause I 
>*know* the allroad (it's all about the mass, man) can't hang...
>If that's not palatable, bring out a stage 3 equipped allroad, 
>pretty sure I'd still dog it.

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