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Sat Jul 8 08:56:13 EDT 2006


yeah weight is an issue, however the turbo cars will make more torque at
low rpm "3k" yanking them out the corners at the track before a n/a!:

Dude.  I have five words for you.  "You are full of  crap."   Weight 
is an issue, but it's not THAT much of an  issue.   Not a lap down in 
20 minutes.
Not even a stock  Allroad....let alone one that's been chipped, 402s,
anti-sway  equipped.

And just to further prove how full of crap you are, how about  the 
weight of a B5 S4 Avant?    3704 lbs.   vs 4024  for an S6 Avant 
(340hp) vs 4167 for the AR.


Okay, I've heard enough of this.  Weight is a huge issue.  See this Top Gear
video of a old/new challenge, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGEg0H1oJsA.
The video is the extreme, but I've had Audi enthusiasts marvel at how my
little 80hp MG can keep up with the higher hp, much heavier Audis in the
twisty bits of SE Ohio during one of the Ohio Rally Tours.
Just my .02

'98 A4, some stuff
'03 A6 Avant
Couple of old MG's

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