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Sat Jul 8 11:42:38 EDT 2006

 Trying to make a specific statement that one car will outperform another by
X degree is futile in a forum such as this.  Especially a statement that
involves a track!  I think the results would be considerably different for
20 minutes on the Nurburgring vs 20 minutes on a tight little 1.5 mi track.
I agree 100% that technology can compensate greatly for additional weight.



No one is saying weight ISN'T an issue.   But DocWyte is saying that 
the B5 S4 will lap the Allroad in a 20 minute track session, and it 
just ain't happening.   The weight difference between an S4 and 
Allroad is not enough to turn one into an ill-handling pig and one into a
sublime track machine.

My race car weighs 2304 lbs with me in it.    It will outdo either 
Allroad or S4 on the track.

But then again, we really weren't talking about the Allroad being a 
track-day machine now were we?   My only comments were that it's not 
an ill-handling car just because it's a bit heavier than the B5 
A4/S4.    This same guy said the S6 Avant is also a poor handling car 
solely because of weight and that's just plain wrong.

All things being equal, light weight makes wonderful handling track 
cars.   But advanced engineering can do wonders on mitigating that 
weight and making a car handle very well, a concept he doesn't seem to want
to understand.

I think most people here would agree with that statement.

>Okay, I've heard enough of this.  Weight is a huge issue.  See this Top 
>Gear video of a old/new challenge,
>The video is the extreme, but I've had Audi enthusiasts marvel at how 
>my little 80hp MG can keep up with the higher hp, much heavier Audis in 
>the twisty bits of SE Ohio during one of the Ohio Rally Tours.
>Just my .02
>'98 A4, some stuff
>'03 A6 Avant
>Couple of old MG's

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