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Ken N image66 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 8 13:20:03 EDT 2006

My absurd comment about the Jeep Cherokee needs to be couched a

1. A Cherokee modified for autocrossing comes in under 3100
pounds. That substantially lighter than my loaded V6 A4..

2. The suspension is lowered multiple inches and has minimal

3. Autocrossing rarely has high speed curvy sections.

4. The in-line six-cylindar engine has an incredible torque

5. 4WD. You can throttle-steer this beast very nicely and get in
the throttle off the curves long before you can with most
cars--especially FWD. It's nasty going into the corners--but as
soon as it is rotating you are able to jump on the throttle

6. Short wheelbase, stiff unibody construction. The Classic
Cherokee is actually a pretty small and lightweight vehicle.

7. Racing tires ain't Goodyear Wranglers.

The premise of my claim is restricted to autocrossing
conditions. Tracks are a bit different because you'll have wider
sweeping corners where 50/50 balance, aero and suspension design
are so critical. Even so, the Cherokee hangs in there pretty
well, but it scares you to death.  It's not reassuring at all.
That leaf rear suspension is horrid, but a heavy-duty anti-roll
bar really helps--but then gives you a push condition.

My 1988 RX-7 convertable was an awesome car at higher-speed
handling. The Audi can't even compare to that.


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