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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sat Jul 8 14:23:20 EDT 2006

	actually, my money would be on the S4.  it's the same engine.

	his initial pontification was that anything lighter will beat
anything heavier.  that's what he said.  i called bullshit on that,
imagining say a stock 1.8t against an allroad with a bunch of suspension
and brake work.  then he started adding stipulations to the bet about
the cars being all hopped up in a certain way; effectively no long was
his assertion "anything" but rather "certain things".

	it's really easy to prove "anything" statements wrong by thinking
up a "something" example that doesn't work.  "something" is a subset of
"anything".  he then went from anything to something, also including stuff
like he'd be driving them (who would bet on that??) blah blah blah.

At 8:11 AM -0700 7/8/06, Brian J White wrote:
>No one is saying weight ISN'T an issue.   But DocWyte is saying that
>the B5 S4 will lap the Allroad in a 20 minute track session, and it
>just ain't happening.   The weight difference between an S4 and
>Allroad is not enough to turn one into an ill-handling pig and one
>into a sublime track machine.
>My race car weighs 2304 lbs with me in it.    It will outdo either
>Allroad or S4 on the track.
>But then again, we really weren't talking about the Allroad being a
>track-day machine now were we?   My only comments were that it's not
>an ill-handling car just because it's a bit heavier than the B5
>A4/S4.    This same guy said the S6 Avant is also a poor handling car
>solely because of weight and that's just plain wrong.
>All things being equal, light weight makes wonderful handling track
>cars.   But advanced engineering can do wonders on mitigating that
>weight and making a car handle very well, a concept he doesn't seem
>to want to understand.
>I think most people here would agree with that statement.
>>Okay, I've heard enough of this.  Weight is a huge issue.  See this Top Gear
>>video of a old/new challenge, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGEg0H1oJsA.
>>The video is the extreme, but I've had Audi enthusiasts marvel at how my
>>little 80hp MG can keep up with the higher hp, much heavier Audis in the
>>twisty bits of SE Ohio during one of the Ohio Rally Tours.
>>Just my .02
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