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Guys 5 seconds on a track that's 2.5 miles long seems like alot of time.  However, I routinely put that kind of time (or more) per lap on other drivers in my track sessions who have similar performing cars and are supposed to be as good a driver.  Obviously there's a skill differential there, but it's not unheard of at all.

I campaign a porsche 944 turbo s as my track car.  At the last BMW DE I was put in the highest run group, along with a gaggle of E36 M3's, most of which were modified, some with superchargers etc.  I lapped *every* one of them at least once, some twice in a twenty minute track session.  

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> i think we need to email our friends at topgear, haha kid'n :) 
> Trying to make a specific statement that one car will outperform another by 
> X degree is futile in a forum such as this. Especially a statement that 
> involves a track! I think the results would be considerably different for 
> 20 minutes on the Nurburgring vs 20 minutes on a tight little 1.5 mi track. 
> I agree 100% that technology can compensate greatly for additional weight. 
> Gordie 
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