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No problem. I just wish I had never had to acquire such knowledge. I hope AoA has seen the site. I still haven't plastered the link all over the newsgroups. At least the car is running well now. 

I did recently fall victim to a failed fuel pump for which I had shortly before received a recall notice. If you got the letter you should take care of it. It goes from functioning normally to complete failure. I knew what it was as soon as the engine didn't respond to the gas pedal. I had just enough time to move a couple of lanes over to the shoulder of the highway. At least the dealer fixed that quickly and for free.


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  wow that is terrifying. great site - great info. thanks!!!

    I have added pictures of the innards of the Audi filter. Kind of takes the mystique out of it to compare the Mahle, Bosch and Audi filters. 

    http://members.cox.net/ambox/audi_sludge/#3rd Autopsy


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