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thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 22:46:33 EDT 2006

fwiw,  i sold + installed high end home and car audio for a few years so i
aint totally innerant on the subject...

 id see what ohm rating they are and if they're close to 4ohms, get yourself
a set of car audio tweeters from madisound or some other car audio speaker
supply house. the stock audi speakers are total garbage from what ive seen.
and despite an aftermarket speaker not being specifically designed for the
location, amp, etc in the audi bose system, it *is* a car and 9/10 times
will work great.

andrew [on this list] just replaced his bose rear woofers after like the 8th
blowout in 5 years with a nice aftermarket car woofer on my recc. i think he
got them from madisound for like $60/ea and they worked out great. vs like
160/ea from the stealer.


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> Subject: [A4] Replacement tweeters for Bose (98A4Tqm)?
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> Hi all,
> Like many, the Bose Symphony front door tweeters in my 98A4Tqm are blown.
> I've had the door apart and know how to physically replace them, and I've
> checked that the Bose amp's are still good, it really is the speakers that
> are the problem.
> The questions is then: does anyone have a good suggestion on a make/model
> speaker to replace them with, or know of an inexpensive source for OEM
> ones?
> There are no good pick/pull places near enough to me (NH) that I'm willing
> to drive there, it's got to be something I can buy off the net. Also, I'd
> prefer to just do the tweeters, my days of car stereo modifications are
> long
> past and I want to minimize the amount of work I need to do.

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