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Wed Jul 19 23:28:59 EDT 2006

i would have guessed PS rack ?

my balljoints havent made noise, just get tramlining, maybe clunkyness if
theyre real bad. but a groan?

BJ's are easy [uh-huh.. huh..] but PS not-a-so-good-ah!

ive actually rarely read good tests of bad CA's + BJ's on these cars.

jim [meiocre mechanic at best]

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> I have an '01 A4 1.8T that's developed an intermittant groaning
> from the front suspension that's definitely related to turning the
> steering wheel.  You can also feel it through the steering wheel.
> With 180k miles on the cr, I imagine one or more of the balljoints
> in the front end have worn out.  Can these be replaced
> independantly, or is it time to replace the control arms?
> (Keep in mind I'm VERY experianced with working on cars, having
> built a few NASA race cars in my lifetime.)
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