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FWIW, my brother bought a 2002 A6 2.7T with an extended warranty.  He's had
a few big $$ problems that the extended warranty company took care of, most
notably a leaky head gasket that was replaced without hassle.  A few months
after the gasket replacement he began hearing a loud grinding sound coming
from the front of the engine.  It turned out that a bearing in the TB
tensioner pulley was worn.  The warranty company covered all costs to have
the authorized garage change the TB and all items it touched at no cost to
him.  I guess it all depends on which company you go with.

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To each his own, I've done good with my warranties.

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> purchasing a warranty = screw job.  BTDT.
> At 9:06 PM -0500 7/19/06, Scott DeWitt wrote:
>>Good Arguments, however lower mileage cars could also have a warranty and 
>>extended warranty, and options to purchase a warranty. Warranty companies
>>won't touch a car over a hundred K miles.
>>Get the proper inspections done, and use your best judgement to get the 
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>>>  >> I am considering buying an '02 A4 avant that has 115k miles.
>>>  Nicholas Stock wrote:
>>>  > Buy something with less miles on it...That car has almost 30K a
>>>  > year...unless of course you're getting it for a real bargain...
>>>  > If it's the original clutch it's on its way out probably..
>>>  I'll disagree.  I'd rather have a high mileage car that has
>>>  been *properly maintained* than a car with low miles that
>>>  has done lots of short hops and that has had no maintenance.
>>>  A properly maintained 1.8 s/b good for lots of miles, provided
>>>  you get receipts for all the maintenance.  Given the sordid
>>>  history of the 1.8Ts with recommendations of non-synthetic oil
>>>  and long oil change intervals, I'd be tempted to take if for a
>>>  pre-purchase inspection and pop the valve cover to see what's
>>>  hiding in the valve train.
>>>  As for the clutch, the high mileage says "highway" to me, which
>>>  is a lot easier on the clutch than a low mileage city car.
>>>  Note that I bought an '89 200 turbo with 193K miles on it, so
>>>  115K isn't "high mileage" to me.  But for someone who buys
>>>  almost-new cars, 115K is a red flag -- 120K miles is probably
>>>  a "needs lots of expensive dealer service" interval, which may
>>>  be why it's for sale.
>>>  My 2 cents.
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