[A4] Lots of miles on a B6 1.8T

Gordie's Garage audidoodie at comcast.net
Fri Jul 21 05:09:39 EDT 2006

Just because it was from an Audi dealer doesn't mean it was and Audi CPO
warranty, they can sell whatever they want.

	the warranty i bought and upon which i got el escrewedo was from my
audi dealer, when i bought the car new.  it was like $3000.

	they're insurance companies.  they might very well "fight"
against any claims, requiring all kinds of weird proof of various bits of
maintenance and stuff.  not an issue for some, but could be for others.
caveat emptor, basically.  make an informed choice.

At 8:42 PM -0400 7/20/06, Gordie's Garage wrote:
>You have no recourse, unless the company is backed by a well known 
>reputable insurance company (not likely).  Best thing to do is check 
>with your local Audi stealer and see if they will certify your car.  
>Audi CPO is a great warranty, I've had a couple of them, and am 
>currently using it for a seized AC compressor in the A6.  It ran out on 
>the '98 A4, but I sure got many times my $$$ worth out of it.  If you 
>had a Honda, I may not recommend a warranty, but you don't and Audi's are
expensive to fix.
>Just my .02
>So what is your recourse when this happens?
>   Dan D
>   '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
>   Central NJ USA
>Rocky Mullin <caliban at sharon.net> wrote: 
>  exactly what happened to me.
>At 11:44 AM -0400 7/20/06, Kent McLean wrote:
>>T. Jackson wrote about extended warrantees:
>>   > I guess it all depends on which company you go with.
>>True. Some companies are no longer around when you need to exercise 
>>your warranty. Choose carefully. YMMV.
>>Kent McLean
>>'94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
>>'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke

  Rocky Mullin 


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