[A4] Front end links

Andy Lewis a5lewis at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 11:21:34 EDT 2006

My 99 A4 is in need of some front end work.  I have
already replaced the lower control arm on the pass
side--now  it seems that the front end is loose
again--different arm--and the tie rods are going.  I
was lookign for a kit that includes all the control
arms and tie rod ends.  Can anyone recommend a kit for
sale??  I was looking at ECS tuning--they have an OEM
kit with after market "better" tie rod ends for around
$600.  Also, sometime down the road I plan to lower
the car an inch or so with new springs.  Would this
kit be worth it.  I don't feel like replacing things a
piece at a time--I'd rather get in there and fix them
all and have it good for a while longer.


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