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I'd do some reasearch as some of the aftermarket kits offered in that price range are worse then worn out OEM parts. I've never had any issues with OEM parts, but have had several compaints from customers as well as friends who went with one of the cheaper alternatives.
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Date: Friday, July 21, 2006 10:48 am 
Subject: [A4] Front end links 
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> My 99 A4 is in need of some front end work. I have 
> already replaced the lower control arm on the pass 
> side--now it seems that the front end is loose 
> again--different arm--and the tie rods are going. I 
> was lookign for a kit that includes all the control 
> arms and tie rod ends. Can anyone recommend a kit for 
> sale?? I was looking at ECS tuning--they have an OEM 
> kit with after market "better" tie rod ends for around 
> $600. Also, sometime down the road I plan to lower 
> the car an inch or so with new springs. Would this 
> kit be worth it. I don't feel like replacing things a 
> piece at a time--I'd rather get in there and fix them 
> all and have it good for a while longer. 
> Thanks 
> Andy 
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