[A4] Returning member, timing belt questions

quattro at oohooheek.com quattro at oohooheek.com
Fri Jul 21 19:15:46 EDT 2006

Hello folks,
After a two year break, I own an Audi again.  Black '01 A4 1.8tQ.
The last car was a red '87 4000CS Q.  Its nice to see how closely related 
the A4 is to its predecessor.

Anyway, two quick questions (ones that I couldn't find answers to in the 

I need to replace my timing belt.  About to order the "Updated Improved 
1.8T 4cyl 2000-2005 Timing Belt Kit" from Blau.

Is there another kit that I should order instead?
Are there any parts not included in this kit that I should replace?

Apologies for increasing list traffic with questions that have probably 
been answered already - I'm feeling nervous about my timing belt at the 
moment, and want to get this done soon.


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