[A4] Apparent Ignition switch malfunction

Ken N image66 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 22:41:11 EDT 2006

Greetings gang,

The ignition switch in my '97 A4 (v6) is on the fritz. My wife
called me on the cell and said that the turn signals stopped
working along with the air-conditioner (always happens when it's
93) and a few other miscellaneous items. When she got home we
could barely get the key out of the ignition.  I was able to
restart it this morning and drove it to work (had to).  But when
I attempted to start it after work, nothing happened.

Problem isolation:
1. checked all fuses - ok
2. attempted to jump start (dead battery?) - no go.
3. Starter won't even click.
4. Voltages appear ok.
5. Key moves to engine-start position and all indicator lights
come on per normal.  "OIL" flashes for a few seconds, but that's
another story.
6. Push start (pop clutch) did start the engine just fine and it
ran normally. Voltage meter indicated the normal 16ish volts
when running 12ish, when not.

The following controls do not work:  Turn signals, headlights
(although parking lights do come on), brights, fog lights, rear
defroster, climate control (readouts work, but aren't
controlling the fans--some of the baffles do appear to work
though).  Also, the outside air temperature in the dash (mine
does not have the trip computer) is not functioning.  The cruise
control does work!

In calling the Des Moines service center, I was told that it
*could* be the ignition switch--especially since there are no
solinoid clunks or other noises coming from the stearing column.

I'm a bit leary about taking it in to them without knowing
pretty much exactly what is wrong because they won't even bother
opening the hood without charging $400 for the pleasure of doing
so.  (yes, I'm a little ripe when it comes to my thoughts on
Audi service)

Thoughts, recommendations, or condolences are welcome.


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