[A4] Apparent Ignition switch malfunction

Ken N image66 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 25 13:11:32 EDT 2006

> Most likely the failure is the mechanical part of the ignition
> switch. But a few cars also can lose the electrical part of
> the switch. Also a failed load reduction relay will behave in
> a similar manner. The relay is easy to test by substitution,
> the electrical part of the ignition switch is also not too 
> difficult to change and the mechanical part of the switch is
> much harder to change. I have seen this type of failure on a
> number of V6 Audi 100s and A6 cars.      

Thanks guys. All things are pointing towards the ignition
switch.  This morning I got more "clunks" and the turn signals
work again.  No starter, but given the commonality of problems
here, but I really don't think the problem is in the relays or
the starter itself. (a quick voltage check at the starter would
help determine that for sure).

Is this a field-repairable part or am I a destined to fork over
$600 to the Audi dealer?  Can I have another non-Audi shop
repair it?  (visions of Seinfield's mechanic coming to mind)


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