[A4] Celebration/Sport

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Fri Jul 28 15:00:33 EDT 2006

I should be clear.  Yes they are listed as separate packages, but to my knowledge they weren't 
mutually exclusive.  Example, you could get a sport package without Celebration.  But you couldn't 
get Celebration without Sport.

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> I bought an '01 with Celebration and Sport Package and still have 
> it.  My price sticker shows the Sport package as a separate package 
> from the Celebration package.  The sport package included 17" 9 spoke 
> sport alloy wheels and performance tires.  The list price on the 
> sport package is shown as 950.  The celebration package included 
> quattro, sunroof, homelink, and auto dimming inside and outside 
> mirrors with a price of 2250.  I believe the event celebrated by the 
> celebration package was the 20th anniversary of quattro.  I'm not 
> sure, but I think the sport package may have some little emblems -- 
> one on the trunk and one on the steering wheel.  They don't go so far 
> as to say sport, but, if they are what I think they are, indicate 
> sport package to the cognoscenti. (sp?)

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