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Sport seats were a separate option from the "sport package" so this is not tell-tale, but I'd be 
those who ordered the seats ordered the rest of the package too.  So having sport seats in non-
sport package car would be rare.  It was common however to have the sport steering wheel and not 
have the sport package.

The sport package consisted of:    Audi Sport steering wheel, sport springs/shocks, 16x7 wheels 
(unless you had the Celebration package, which got 17" wheels.), and high performance tires (in 
place of the touring type rubber.)

The Audi Sport steering wheel could be had as a standalone option.
The sport seats were a standalone option.  On the 2.8, they were power leather.  On the 1.8T, they 
only came in manual cloth.

The little red flag on the 1.8T logo denotes the 170hp engine, and has nothing to do with sport or 
celebration packages.  All 01 A4s got this engine regardless of package.

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> My son has a 01.5 B5 1.8t with no sport seats or sport suspension but from what I gather 
> it is a Celebration issue. The giveaway I am told is the control unit (garage doors and 
> such) located above the rear view mirror. The sport suspension would have 16" wheels 
> rather than 15" 8 spokers. The earlier models had the 7 spoke 16's and the later ones had 
> the 10 spoke RS4 type.  The shocks, if original, are red, the front sway bar is large and 
> the car will sit lower than a non sport with 15" wheels. The 2.8's with sport also came 
> with the sport seats (leather). Some 1.8t's have cloth sport seats in them. I do have a 
> 99.5 Avant 2.8 30V with the sport package and when parked next to my son's one can tell 
> the difference right away plus it handles much better.
> I am speaking or B5 cars 98-01
> Hope this helps a little.
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