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A good example is found here:

2001 so it has the red flag thus has the 170hp engine.   Non-sport package though as seen by the 
15" wheels and huge fender gaps.  However, it has the 3-spoke Audi Sport steering wheel.   Not a 
Celebration package because it doesn't have the 17" RS4-type wheels.

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> Sport seats were a separate option from the "sport package" so this is not tell-tale, but 
> I'd be those who ordered the seats ordered the rest of the package too.  So having sport 
> seats in non- sport package car would be rare.  It was common however to have the sport 
> steering wheel and not have the sport package.
> The sport package consisted of:    Audi Sport steering wheel, sport springs/shocks, 16x7 
> wheels 
> (unless you had the Celebration package, which got 17" wheels.), and high performance 
> tires (in place of the touring type rubber.)
> The Audi Sport steering wheel could be had as a standalone option.
> The sport seats were a standalone option.  On the 2.8, they were power leather.  On the 
> 1.8T, they only came in manual cloth.
> The little red flag on the 1.8T logo denotes the 170hp engine, and has nothing to do with 
> sport or celebration packages.  All 01 A4s got this engine regardless of package.
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> > My son has a 01.5 B5 1.8t with no sport seats or sport suspension but from what I gather 
> > it is a Celebration issue. The giveaway I am told is the control unit (garage doors and 
> > such) located above the rear view mirror. The sport suspension would have 16" wheels 
> > rather than 15" 8 spokers. The earlier models had the 7 spoke 16's and the later ones had 
> > the 10 spoke RS4 type.  The shocks, if original, are red, the front sway bar is large and 
> > the car will sit lower than a non sport with 15" wheels. The 2.8's with sport also came 
> > with the sport seats (leather). Some 1.8t's have cloth sport seats in them. I do have a 
> > 99.5 Avant 2.8 30V with the sport package and when parked next to my son's one can tell 
> > the difference right away plus it handles much better.
> > 
> > I am speaking or B5 cars 98-01
> > 
> > Hope this helps a little.
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