[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 32, Issue 6

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 12:47:55 EDT 2006

 the 6 is smoother, more torque / power out of the box. the 1.8 is a dog out
of the box. if youre going to leave it stock, get the 6. i just drove a
buddys new 3.2 a4 quat/tip and it RIPS. feels as quick as a TTS4.

the 1.8 is a better motor if you plan to upgrade. theres an easy 50 horse in
there with minor mods. the 1.8 is also a cheaper motor to maintain, easier
to work on and fewer bits to break / replace.

as for tranny's, as cool as a 6 is, i cant imagine it makes any appreciable
difference in anything. id be curious to compare the ratios and see if the
1st is any lower or the 6th is higher than the 5 spd's 5th cog. i bet the
difference is nill. the 5 would be cheaper and more available, id go with
that from a value perspective.

98 a4 1.8QTM

Hello A4ers,
> I have been a lurking wannabe on this list for a few months,
> and am now ready to take the plunge to a4 ownership. I am
> actively shopping for a B6 era Avant with sport suspension.
> My preference is for a 1.8T with 6-speed manual, chosen as a
> compromise of fun and (relative) economy, but I am curious
> if any of you have opinions about 5- vs. 6-speed. I have
> driven both, and think I prefer the 6, but they're harder to
> find. Is it true that the 6 became available with the 3.0
> only in '03, then with the 1.8T in '04?
> Regarding engines, I have only driven the 1.8T and I think
> it has plenty of power, but could always chip it if I change
> my mind. I am curious about any opinions regarding the 3.0.
> I have driven the older 2.8, which I think is a bit sluggish.
> And lastly, I am curious if anyone has experience using an
> auto broker to find a used car, as what I seek seems to be
> currently somewhat rare in the used market (B6 Avant 1.8T
> 6-speed w/ sport suspension).
> TIA,
> Stephen

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