[A4] To change or Not to change all four tires

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Wed Jun 21 00:37:00 EDT 2006

Do a little research, then get back with us. <g>

At 20:51 2006-06-20, Rocky Mullin wrote:

>         guess we'll have to agree to disagree.  i expect it's totally
>reasonable that a coompany would include a spare that would fail if
>the driver took the car to the speed the car was capable of.  sure.
>At 8:40 PM -0700 6/20/06, Brian J White wrote:
>>Huh?!     Reason is the speed rating of the tire....nothing to do with diffs.
>>If he has good tires on the front, then buy new the same brand, 
>>size, and model for the rears and be done.   He's fine, and with no 
>>damage to diffs.
>>At 20:34 2006-06-20, Rocky Mullin wrote:
>>>         it matters less the smaller the difference is.  the reason donut
>>>spares have a 50MPH limit is for the diffs, because the size is so radically

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