[A4] Repair or walk away - advice for an Oil Sludge victim?

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 12:53:29 EDT 2006

wow thats a drag.. but i think if i were you i would forst get a second
opinion and get the car out of the filthy, incompetent hands of the
dealership. audi dealer repair is notoriously bad. that said there are a lot
of good independent audi/vw wrench's around.

generally the dealership quotes on repair are crazy high. a friend of mine
just got quotes for a clutch and t-belt job on his tts4 and both were more
then double what the good local audi-only shops are ballparking.

also - you didnt go into great detail, and im no tech, but it doesnt sound
like there's much evidence for the repairs reccomended.

i'd rent a trailer and get it out of the delership and into the hands of a
good audi mech. have them find  a good used motor and just do the whole
thing. plugging and playing a good engine will DEFINITELY be less than 7
grand. id figure 3-5 grand, cuz you might as well do the clutch, etc while
theyre in there.. .

that said if the car is worth 6-8k its tough to justify a 5k job when you
can buy a 99 in great shape with 1/2 the mileage for 10k.

like i said, id get it to a good mechanic and get another opinion. out there
you could try Kar of MN, qship performance [scott jusstason] in chicago, i
think anderson motorsport is out that way? at least you could ask them for
good shops in your area..


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