[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 32, Issue 6

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Jun 21 15:39:06 EDT 2006

At 10:24 AM -0700 6/21/06, thejimrose wrote:
>oh you dont have to tell me twice. this is my 4th audi [4kq, 5ktq, 
>90q, a4] all bought after doing 1 winter with a fwd car going to 
>tahoe every weekend in the winter. thats why i put up with all the 
>'character' of the audi. =)
>i throw a set of dunlop wintersport m2's on 16" borbets for the 
>winter and this thing is UNSTOPPABLE in the snow. i mean like, 60 
>mph 4wheel drifts on I-80 passing cars with my gf sound asleep in 
>the passenger seat.

	ha yeah i love it!  i run nokians and have pulled 90-100 mph turns
through long, mellow turns getting near the summit, on hardpack fresh snow,
no traffic of course.  or pulling off and taking unplowed backroads when
some tool in an SUV crashes and stops traffic on 80 for hours.  i am a powder
fiend so i always seem to be driving up in the middle of a severe winter
storm.  they ride on rails.  heck, the "fastest" rally in the WRC is sweden,
run in january on show.

>its not as good as my 5k was, i miss the lockable diffs [i miss that 
>car.. it was SO fast] but still the a4 is nearly idiotproof in bad 
>weather. even with the rain we get here in CA the awd is so 

	i miss my ur-quattro, too.  and the b5 ran in snow better than the

>but, even if the civic was awd... id rather be slow in an audi than 
>fast in  a honda.

	before i got audi fever i had a civic si.  they are a BLAST to drive.

  Rocky Mullin 


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