[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 32, Issue 6

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 16:02:50 EDT 2006

>        ha yeah i love it!  i run nokians and have pulled 90-100 mph turns
> through long, mellow turns getting near the summit, on hardpack fresh
> snow,
> no traffic of course.  or pulling off and taking unplowed backroads when
> some tool in an SUV crashes and stops traffic on 80 for hours.  i am a
> powder
> fiend so i always seem to be driving up in the middle of a severe winter
> storm.  they ride on rails.  heck, the "fastest" rally in the WRC is
> sweden,
> run in january on show.

you know im the same way... but this past year theyve been bannanas about
closing the roads - ALL the roads so you cant get around. the close the on
and off ramps and all the local highways [47, 20, donner pass rd, etc].

and i cant believe how USELESS the chain checkpoints are. theyll let suv's
pass with 22" spinners and summer tires because theyre 4wd.. you tell me
whats more dangerous than 4, foot and a half wide low profile summer tires
on snow? thanks ill take an accord with all seasons anyday..

they really should check for tires more than drivetrain and turn people
around or make them have chains on summer tire cars. 99.9% of what i see
spun out are suv's [usually big ones] with all season radials. my gti's with
snow tires NEVER got stuck back east and the roads in VT in the winter were
WAY WAY worse than here.

where it is, as rocky says, lovely packed poweder rally wannabe heaven. =)

>        i miss my ur-quattro, too.  and the b5 ran in snow better than the
> b7, AFAICT.

at quaw this season i was talking to a guy with a nice v8 - he said he just
got a NEW a8 [pimp daddy!] and that the v8 was much better in the snow.

>        before i got audi fever i had a civic si.  they are a BLAST to
> drive.

yeah ive driven them, they are fun as hell. the new one is an amazing little

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