[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 32, Issue 6

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Jun 21 16:47:59 EDT 2006

At 1:02 PM -0700 6/21/06, thejimrose wrote:
>and i cant believe how USELESS the chain checkpoints are. theyll let 
>suv's pass with 22" spinners and summer tires because theyre 4wd.. 
>you tell me whats more dangerous than 4, foot and a half wide low 
>profile summer tires on snow? thanks ill take an accord with all 
>seasons anyday..

	i agree.  i wonder if we can work on changing their policies.

>they really should check for tires more than drivetrain and turn 
>people around or make them have chains on summer tire cars. 99.9% of 
>what i see spun out are suv's [usually big ones] with all season 
>radials. my gti's with snow tires NEVER got stuck back east and the 
>roads in VT in the winter were WAY WAY worse than here.

	i think "all season" is a big sucky falsehood.  i hate the all seasons
on my b7 but i tell ya, with a two year lease i am NOT blowing money on tires.
maybe my local shop will buy mine though...

>where it is, as rocky says, lovely packed poweder rally wannabe heaven. =)

	maybe we'll cross paths up there :)

>at quaw this season i was talking to a guy with a nice v8 - he said 
>he just got a NEW a8 [pimp daddy!] and that the v8 was much better 
>in the snow.

	yeah i think the older the car the better, with audi anyway.
pretty weird.

>yeah ive driven them, they are fun as hell. the new one is an 
>amazing little car.

	'course my fave wee cheapo car so far has been the mini S cooper,
though it was a dinan stage 5 so that's not really fair.  drove like a 911.

  Rocky Mullin 


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