[A4] trouble starting

Paul W. Henne MarylandGuy_42 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 4 08:56:45 EST 2006

Need to clarify 2 things:

1) The last time you did get it to start, did you actually pump the gas 
pedal to get it to crank, or was it already cranking that time and you 
pumped the gas pedal to get it to start?

2) Automatic or manual transmission?


Go Cubs wrote:
> No. the engine does not crank. No clicking sound when I turn the key. The 
> only time I got the engine cranking was when I pumped the gas, but this took 
> a while to get it going.
> headlights are fine.
> thanks.
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>> Go Cubs wrote:
>>> i cannot start my audi a4 quattro
>>> when i turn the key nothing happens (the engine does not turn)
>>> the only way i was able to turn it on was to pump the gas repeatedly.
>>> it ran  fine but i haven't been able to turn it on again.
>> Does the engine crank? That is, when you turn the key to start
>> the engine, does the starter work and turn over the engine?
>> Does the starter go "click" at all?
>> What happens if you turn on the headlights and try to start it?
>> Do the headlights stay bright? Or do they dim?
>> Or is it totally nothing -- no engine cranking, no starter noise,
>> no headlight dimming, nothing?
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