[A4] going to replace a timing belt - update

Bryan Lally bryan at lally.org
Sat Mar 4 11:32:41 EST 2006

Bryan Lally wrote:

> Now I need a hint.  I've got a new thermostat sitting here.  The 
> alternator is out, the tstat bolts (3) are out, the clips are off the 
> hoses.  In theory, it should pull right out.

Problem solved.  I needed some daylight.

There's a bolt holding the other end of that "pipe."  Remove the plastic 
holder/brace for fuel injector wires #3 and #4, reach in between the 
intake manifold legs with a 12mm socket on a loooong extension, and 
remove the bolt that goes into the top of the oil filter mounting 
assembly.  Yes, really.  I'm sure putting it back in will be fun.

Then the pipe is free to move.  The tstat is next, then it all goes back 

	- Bryan

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