[A4] [V6-12v] CV-Joint.

Calvyn Calvyn at stny.rr.com
Sun Mar 5 22:12:18 EST 2006

	I would of thought control arms too except that I just had them all
replaced. It's not a clunk during braking or on small bumps, but rather a
speed related chunking.

	I got the front end up on jack stands and put it in first gear and
let the tires spin. Holding the good side tire still I could hear it coming
from the passenger assembly. Both CV boots are perfect, no rips, tears, Pics
available here [1], [2]. I haven't removed the boots yet to take a peak.

	So my next assumption is the wheel bearing. I removed the strut
tower and inspected the wheel bearings, I was able to remove the two dirt
rings and see the bearings. [3] I can feel a little amount of play and I
figure to start with them. Any idea on how to get them outta there? Do I
need a puller/press?

[1] http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/DSCN0821.JPG
[2] http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/DSCN0822.JPG
[3] http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/DSCN0823.JPG


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Calvyn wrote:
> Was pokin around a few websites looking for 'half-shafts' and 
> haven't even been close to finding it.. Is this something I'll
> probably be going to the dealer for  or am I just not looking
> properly.. Thanks got your input.. 

CV joints attached to the half-shaft are a pretty common item.
I think you might find one at your FLAPS (local parts store). 
The problem is some of them are rebuilt rather cheaply.  I'd 
ask around at the better local parts suppliers, the ones that 
the local independent mechanics use.  But that is just my 2 

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