[A4] [V6-12v] CV-Joint.

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A bad cv joint will generally make a clicking noise when the front wheels 
are turned to go around a corner.  I had a VW that lost a front wheel 
bearing and it was a growling noise that got worse over time.  I purchased a 
Schley press set consistng of a hardened large diameter bolt and nut and 
several hardened disks.  Had to removal the half shaft but was able to press 
out the bad bearing and press in a new one with having to take the 
suspension apart.  Pendergrass Tools is where I got mine @ 800 926 1847. 
Good luck.

98 a4 1.8tq

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> I would of thought control arms too except that I just had them all
> replaced. It's not a clunk during braking or on small bumps, but rather a
> speed related chunking.
> I got the front end up on jack stands and put it in first gear and
> let the tires spin. Holding the good side tire still I could hear it 
> coming
> from the passenger assembly. Both CV boots are perfect, no rips, tears, 
> Pics
> available here [1], [2]. I haven't removed the boots yet to take a peak.
> So my next assumption is the wheel bearing. I removed the strut
> tower and inspected the wheel bearings, I was able to remove the two dirt
> rings and see the bearings. [3] I can feel a little amount of play and I
> figure to start with them. Any idea on how to get them outta there? Do I
> need a puller/press?
> [1] http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/DSCN0821.JPG
> [2] http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/DSCN0822.JPG
> [3] http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/DSCN0823.JPG
> Thanks,
> -Calvyn-
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> Calvyn wrote:
>> Was pokin around a few websites looking for 'half-shafts' and
>> haven't even been close to finding it.. Is this something I'll
>> probably be going to the dealer for  or am I just not looking
>> properly.. Thanks got your input..
> CV joints attached to the half-shaft are a pretty common item.
> I think you might find one at your FLAPS (local parts store).
> The problem is some of them are rebuilt rather cheaply.  I'd
> ask around at the better local parts suppliers, the ones that
> the local independent mechanics use.  But that is just my 2
> cents.
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