[A4] CV-Joint.

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Mar 6 11:53:54 EST 2006

If it is the CVJ - I just did both left and right front on my new-to me S4. 
Should be the same.  It was a PITA but I saved quite a few $$$ by doing it 
myself.  If you have another car to use while this one is down it may be 

Abbreviated procedure-
Break the axle bolt - use a high power air gun.  pop off the wheel.  I had 
to use a pickle fork to break the rear C/A ball joint free.  Yes I did 
slighlty tearthe boot - still need to hack a fix.  I also used a ball joint 
puller to loosen the front lower C/A.  Use the airgun to take out the 6 
axle/tranny bolts.  It took some messing aroung with/jacking up suspension 
but it came.  There is a local place here in Denver who rebuilds axes in 
about 4-5 hrs , $70.  I wanted mine totally rebuilt, not just new boot as I 
was confident the grease was pretty dirty....


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> Hello Everyone,
> Cruising through a parking lot yesterday, I caught some silence
> between songs and I heard some clunking coming from the front pass side.
> Sounded like the familiar CV-joint noise.. Haven't been able to get under
> the car yet cause there's still plenty of snow on the ground. Was pokin
> around a few websites looking for 'half-shafts' and haven't even been 
> close
> to finding it.. Is this something I'll probably be going to the dealer for
> or am I just not looking properly.. Thanks got your input..
> Thanks,
> -Calvyn-
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