[A4] Just Joined -- Future Buying Questions

Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 22:53:01 EST 2006

I just joined the list because I'm thinking I might upgrade to a newer
Audi.  I have a well-used 1994 90 and the car is showing it's age.  There
are big worn areas in the clearcoat, the engine isn't hearty like it used to
be (or maybe I'm just too used to the power and need more).  Soon it'll be
time to move on and I think an A4 is the right direction.  I'm interested in
the 2002-2004 body styles and I'd like to get a 3.0L NA instead of the turbo
1.8L, with a 6-speed and quattro, of course.

What should I look for as far as problems in these newer A4's?  Also, are
there any arguments for the turbo 1.8L over the 3.0L NA as far as
reliability?  I saw reports that the turbo 1.8L has problems in this time


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